Tasty Alphabeat

Idea and Execution: Persona Grata Group
Project Manager: Mariam Harutyunyan
Art Direction / Design: Anna Harutyunyan
Copywriter: Adelaida Vormnadiryan
Photo: Vardan Petrosyan
Chef: Hamlet Margaryan (www.personalchef.am)

Kitchen and cooking demand knowledge and skills which also need to be gradually learnt and digested like alphabet.

Food, besides being tasty, should be served right and beautifully. The “Tasty AlphabEat” presents all the products in a picturesque and impressive way. Each product is presented by the first letter of the product name created with the corresponding food or its ingredients, for instance, “Բ”- (B) [badrijan] - for eggplant, “Կ”- (K) - for ketchup, etc.

Cuisine motives are used to create the look of the image while several foods, kitchen tools complete the look and make it more appealing. The subject of the image can be the general product, as well as the dish which is made by the corresponding product.

Each packaging is given an original solution.


Letters give the brand freshness and captivate people. This is a way to differ from the companies that make similar products. The “Tasty AlphabEat” will allow the company to gain positive and permanent authority.

The images will be attached to the products and will represent the design of the packaging. They will also be used for advertising purposes.


An active advertising campaign is prepared for “Tasty AlphabEat”. This will lead to a better brand recognition, new customer integration and competitive advantage.